Fully Accredited in Canada (Gr 8-12)

Our courses have been used in British Columbia as a guideline for what is expected of online guitar and piano students. They have been used throughout North America for over a decade and are the worlds first accredited online guitar and piano courses.

Video Enhanced Course Material

Each page has audio clips and video. Students enjoy being able to have a teacher show them how to play the song at the click of a button, or being able to listen to the song.

Guitar and Piano Courses

Students get to choose to learn piano or guitar. They have five courses to choose from, so a student can start from any level.

Easy Registration

Our courses are for any grade 8-12 school that provides online learning. If you wish to register your school simply contact us with your school's name and your contact information.

Dedicated Support Staff

Our staff is committed to ensuring top quality customer service.