Frere Jacques, C Chord

video Frere Jacques

Quick Tip: Have your guitar checked at a music store to make sure it is set-up correctly.

You are ready for your first song! This is a very simple song, but it will challenge you if you've never played before. Remember to stay relaxed and use more than one finger to pick the notes. For this song, use your first finger for any notes on the first fret, second finger on the second fret, and third finger for the third fret. For the fifth fret, slide your third finger up to play that note. Your right hand should alternately pick up and down every note. Sit up straight and keep your guitar in a vertical position and don't slump. Remember it is better to play slow and steady than fast and sloppy!

After you play the tablature, play the C chord along with the sound file. Strum 4 beats to every bar, alternating up and down on the strum. Good Luck!

audio Frere Jacques